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Creating a personalized, custom, quality portrait experience that you love and are proud to share is my goal in every session. I believe, "Life is too short to settle for less."

We're not like all the other photographers & studios. We combine attractive Portraits, Artistic & Creative Design, and your dream - to create breathtaking custom, personalized, wall, desk, digital or publishing images that inspire you every time you look at them. Not the ordinary, but the extraordinary, that Wows your guests, that match your decor, or that can be used as family heirlooms for generations to come!



  • Outdoor - We've specially chosen breathtakingly beautiful outdoor locations in every season of the year, for your portrait session. Each holds exquisite lighting, luminous natural beauty and gorgeous color, in the greater Barrington, Cary, Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Deer Park, and Chicago, Illinois area. *If you have a special place in mind, let us know, we love to travel and we will work with you to make it happen.
  • In Studio - Professional Images for Social Media, Linked-In, Resumes, etc.;  Album or Book Covers;  Creative Artistic Portraits;  Newborns, Maternity, Children, Families, Mom & Me, Dad & Me, Tweens, High School Seniors, Modeling Sessions, Custom/Personalized Legacy Portraits.
  • Your Home - Life-style photography is fun and also very popular today! Many of our clients want a family portrait captured at their home or favorite spot. All we need is to make sure we have at least one excellent natural lighting spot where you are, and we can come to you and make it happen.
  • Your Office or Business - Of course we can come to you and shoot something special for your business and professional needs, and that includes promotional videos. Let's talk, we're creative and eager to tackle challenging projects that convey the heart of your mission and message to those who need to hear it most.
  • Other - Have a favorite spot in mind? Ask me, we're adventurous!
  • Travel Fees - may apply outside of a 15 mile range.



Quick Start: Simply complete and submit the form below. This will help us give you the best and quickest service possible. We will follow up with you shortly to answer any questions you may have, help you plan your portrait session or special project, and discuss deposit and payment information!



We offer several options to create the perfect photographic art or designs specially created to fit and match your space & needs.

The sky is the limit in what we can create (whether large or small):

Wall portraits, heirloom pieces, hand-painted portraits, folio boxes, digital images, medal prints, acrylic, canvas wraps, medal prints, fine art linen, water color torn edge portraits/designs, artistic or personalized enhancements. All of the above, are just the tip of the ice berg in options for your personal or business needs.

Legacy Portraits

One of our showcase specialties, are our legacy portraits which are custom designed and created to perfectly fit and compliment your space - these fine quality pieces are legacy pieces/designed to share for generations to come. For individuals or groups.

The creative session fee formally books your portrait appointment and includes:

  • the pre-session consultation [in person or by phone]
  • your portrait session
  • post-session processing and preparation of your images along with a private viewing/ordering appointment at our studio.

It does not include any prints or products. Clients may purchase products via “Collection Your Creation” and our "Add-on Menu".



Custom work is something we absolutely love and are asked to do for those who have something particular in mind. We are able to quote pricing for your special project. Mention it in your Inquiry Form (below), and we will be happy to start that conversation with you to create the exceptional piece(s) you are looking for.



  • Prints and Gorgeous Enlargements that Wow!
  • Folio Boxes
  • Reveal Albums
  • Digital Images
  • Canvas Prints (we provide only the following sizes in the finest quality available on the market - 16X24, 24X36, 30X40, 40X60, or larger).
  • Signature Custom Portrait Art - Our Signature Portraits and Designs are for those special images you want to showcase in your home, office, or showroom, and are often used as heirlooms to be passed down for generations to come. Pieces are measured to the perfect size to flatter your space and showcase your work of art, hand-finished, detailed and personalized to artisticly enhance and customize your piece.
  • Color, Black & White, Sepia, Watercolor, Painted, Inscribed. Signed & sealed by the Artist.
  • Metal Prints. (Special Order and Breathtakingly Vivid)


CORPORATE   INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & ENVISION, with your Walls, Showroom, and Office Space.

We do far more than Professional Career Portraits! We use portrait art to send the message to your clients, that you are on the cutting edge and care about much more than business and making money-

We're helping leaders take their companies and employees to the highest level! Our mission is touching and strengthening families, which are the heart and core of every business! More and more companies are waking up to the reality that healthy families are the most important part of their excellent workforce and greatest purpose.  Today's cutting edge corporations, lead by genuinely promoting healthy families. They outlast their competition, create strong teams, perform the best, and continually expand with loyal, committed, appreciative, happier, and loyal employees.

We work with you to transform wall space and media materials to build the strongest foundation possible. Your decision to regularly send the message to your employees and team that:

"Family Matters!"

"When family is strong, We are strong!"

"Together, we (as a company) are a family!"


Don't know where to begin? It's simple. Let us do the hard work so you can use it to do what you do best!


Have a music or publishing project you are working on and need exceptionally stunning photos for it?  I understand and am experienced in the music, publishing, professional, public, and ministry industry. In our highly competitive & visual world, you can't afford to settle for something that looks amateur. Let us create the artistic and professional look you need, and that you and your clients will love!



Our Sessions (especially Specials) fill very quickly, and our portrait time is in demand.  Booking as early as possible is recommended.

We can't wait to hear from you!