Portraits that Transform the Room

Pick A Wall

At Light Works, we do much more than create and provide exquisite portraits. We come and help you transform your space, one wall at a time. Why settle for something that looks nice, but doesn't 'WOW' you or fit your style or decor? We specialize in what you love, what looks best, and what you are passionate about, transforming your space into something remarkable that not only beautifies, but inspires and speaks of what matters most to you.

We do all the work and are highly skilled in the industry, so you don't have to be. We make sure you never have to settle for less, so you can be free to enjoy all the benefits of impeccable style, the highest quality and value.

Your Unique Style & Taste

Display Your Portraits with Our Finest Quality Conversation Pieces

Be Yourself. Make a difference. Passionately show the world the unique person you are.

Our Portrait Display Menu includes specially selected portrait pieces of the finest quality in the industry. Italian Leather, perfectly finished edges, unique and simple elegance, quality and class.

Why not? You have impeccable style and appreciate art, photography, and gorgeous customized portrait pieces that speak volumes from your heart, vision, and message. Each piece is worth much more than 10,000 words. We help you create the perfect atmosphere down to the finest detail, so you never have to settle.