Protecting This Generation​

The world has a lot to say, but so does God! He is FOR this generation, and is giving us His divine roadmap to guard against and overcome the spirit of anti-christ that is aggressively pursuing our children and families, today!

"Nothing could be more timely or essential for today's parents than the discerning and instructive counsel presented by Lisa Hartell in this book...."

– PASTOR JACK W. HAYFORD, Chancellor, King's University
The Bridal Changing Room​

Men, women, and young people love The Bridal Changing Room - and can’t put it down. It is a brief, yet compelling word picture of the broken, captive, and hurting people coming out of darkness and into the light and glory of King Jesus. Many eyes have been opened wide to His lifechanging Love as they read.

Mom Ministry
The Mom Ministry

Our hearts and family are God’s greatest passion. His power and plan are moving through hearts that are hungry to receive ALL He has for them. God’s plan for the ages is awaiting to be discovered by you and your children and grand-children. Every page will touch your heart and release His vision, hope and faith for all He can do in and through Your family, heart and home.

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The Mission

At a time when the world seems to be spinning out of control and increasing in deep darkness, our Heavenly Father foresaw it all, and sent us the Holy Spirit, His Holy Word, and His unlimited power & love.


If you or your family are hurting, broken, struggling, and captive in any way, you are not alone – Jesus is reaching out to you, right now. 


I am living proof that transformation is possible with Him! As you read and browse this Website, my fervent prayer is that He will touch you and open your eyes to see how real and near He is to you and your loved ones! Truth is: He is more than able to do exceedingly abundant above and beyond what you can ask for or imagine! What He did for me, He can do for you, and even more.

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The Bridal Changing Room

Men, women, and young people love The Bridal Changing Room - a 45 minute compelling word-picture. A powerful look at the broken and desperate world being drawn out of the worst darkness and into the light and glory of the Kingdom of God.

The Mom Ministry

The Mom Ministry is a life-changing spiritual trumpet call to today's Moms, Grandparents, and all who spend time with children. God is calling them to be set free to see their work as God sees it - as a divine supernaturally empowered work of the Holy Spirit through them.

Protecting This Generation

God gave Lisa a vivid dream more than 15 years ago that is coming to pass, at this present time! At a time when the Spirit of Antichrist is pursuing children and families, like never before, “Protecting This Generation from the Spirit of Antichrist”, boldly proclaims God’s supernatural path to His Protection, His leading, His Presence, Peace and Provision.


Face to Face Worship

Face to Face is an album that was created out of a sincere desire to sweetly and sincerely Draw Near to the Lord at home, on the drive, on a walk, or at the beach. In a candlelit studio, with a keyboard and a heart full of love and passion to wholeheartedly draw near to the Lord, the Holy Spirit flowed peacefully in the quiet hours it took Lisa to record these simple and heartfelt ballads to the Lord. The first six songs were written for us to sing to the Lord, and the last song is a special song from the Lord to us. The Lord bids us…”Simply Come to Me”.


What's New

The Miracle Series-Part 2/Prayer & Believing

MIracles are mysterious and unbelievable to many people. But God has much to teach those who are hungry to learn and receive all He has for them. Prayer is a vital part of the process. Let’s ask for His help to receive.

A Miracle Series – Part 1

When a miracle is needed, you can’t afford to waste time, you need to learn God’s ways of receiving one. He wants to teach you! In this Miracle Series, Lisa Hartell begins to explain step by step what God taught her from His Word while standing in faith with her Mom, her sister, and friend, against their cancer.

The Best for Your Family in Crazy Times!

Lisa Hartell shares a vital message of finding God’s perfect Peace and safety in the midst of very troubled and confusing times for our families.


As a desperately broken and suicidal young woman, Lisa’s life was dramatically transformed in 1998, when she saw Jesus in an open vision in Evansville, Indiana.  She returned home that weekend, radically changed, and was never the same again!



Later, after many years of growing to know the Lord and His ways, Lisa was also taught by the Lord how to be led by His Spirit. Lisa says this was the key that unlocked the power and purpose of God for her life. God then began opening doors for Lisa to travel the world “Getting His Word Out” through meetings, church services, tv, social media, videos, speaking, prayer and ministering God’s life-changing Presence to the hurting, broken, the captives, the rich & poor, the imprisoned, and the spiritually hungry around the world.



~ By the great grace of God, Lisa Hartell is a Wife of 36 years, a Mom, a Grandma, a Published Author, Minister, Songwriter, Speaker & Photographer, who lives in the USA.

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