A Miracle Series – Part 1

When a miracle is needed, you can’t afford to waste time, you need to learn God’s ways of receiving one. He wants to teach you! In this Miracle Series, Lisa Hartell begins to explain step by step what God taught her from His Word while standing in faith with her Mom, her sister, and friend, against their cancer.
Part 1 – Let’s make the decision to learn and grow to receive God’s love and miraculous power for our families.

While the world is rapidly changing and becoming more and more crazy, we look ahead for hope, and what do we see? Some see trouble, poverty, homelessness, sickness, despair and death, while a few others see something completely different – A Bright Future! The question for you, today is: What do you see? What are you asking God for?

Some years ago, down a long vacant country road, I traveled. Every mile brought more tears than the one before. Sobs came rushing from my heart and lips as I thought of Mom’s doctor visits being nothing but treacherously depressing. Everything they tried to do medically to drive back the cancer wasn’t working. Hopelessness had begun to set in. Our prayers didn’t seem to be making much of a difference. None of what we were walking through seemed to be impacted by the many Bible scriptures we were studying, clinging to and trusting in. Doctors were perplexed.  People shook their heads in sorrow. But I couldn’t settle for what everyone else was saying and accepting. I was her baby. Her youngest child, and the Mother of her younger little grandchildren. I was also the former prodigal daughter she prayed back into the will of God after walking headlong into sin and filth for almost 10 years of my teenage and young adult life. Her prayers were effective for me. All Mom's kids knew she had a hotline to Heaven. God brought me through, miraculously, through her prayers of faith. I couldn't help but wonder, why were mine not effective for her? 

Have you ever felt that way? Incapable of “believing” when you needed to most? Have you ever cried out to God and found yourself confused, hopeless, desperate, full of fear, doubt, failing and broken? If you can answer ‘YES’ to any of these questions, you are NOT here by chance. I truly believe God led you to this message in this very moment. I know this, because I was there, too! I have found myself in life and death situations and in need of a miracle and found myself at different times on both ends of the spectrum: Many times I was miserably grieved by losing someone I loved, including my unborn babies, and at other times immeasurably overjoyed and shouting from the housetops that God does miracles today! I wanted so much to see a Miracle for Mom. But how could I get one? Did God even want to give us one?

If you are anything like I was, you may have prayed for a miracle, didn’t get one, and then gave up trying to pray for one, because it never seemed to work. But there’s Good News! Keep reading…

When my Mom, who was one of the best friends I’ve ever had, was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few weeks to live…..something inside of me shifted. I had tried and failed to get miracles from God in the past, yet couldn’t afford to lose Mom. All of us know people that we’ve loved, and had to let them go, as it seemed miracles were just out of reach. This time, desperation and determination came over me like a blanket. I not only wanted my children to know her, I also wanted to learn HOW to get a miracle from God and knew I needed to dig deeper than ever before and sit at the feet of Jesus to understand what He was saying through the Scriptures. Something inside me pulled me to dig deeper than ever before.

This was what made all the difference for me. I began to study God’s Word prayerfully, like never before to understand and learn HOW TO GET a miracle. It felt like I was on a mission to learn and understand. I felt in my heart God wanted to teach us. I was like Indiana Jones in his movies, searching for the mysterious treasure and power of the Bible (God’s Holy Word). It was literally life or death in our situation. I couldn’t think of anything more important for Mom, for me, and for all those I loved, than to search for and find Mom’s Miracle. Little did I know, God was at work all around us, through us, and had a plan to use it all, to grow our faith and draw us closer to Him than ever before. Though I did not understand why so many times in the past, there were disappointments, seemingly unanswered prayers…I longed to know the Lord more deeply through this, and not just merely get what I needed from Him. My heart was yearning to KNOW HIM like never before.

Something inside of me KNEW, God is real. He is good. He does not lie, and what He did for others He could do for anyone. But what was I missing? What was I not understanding? I even wondered at times, what was wrong with me, that we were NOT receiving miracles from Heaven? I needed to know, and I set my heart with determination like never before to seek God to learn, to grow, to find the answers, for Mom, for me, for my children and so that I could help others understand. If there was an answer, I made the decision that I was going to seek God with all my heart, until I found it, and what I learned, I am going to share with you.

After praying about how best to share all that I learned, I believe God showed me clearly, it's best to break it up into parts. There's simply too much to share in one Newsletter. This journey was long, hard and full of thousands of hours in study. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you what we learned. He loves and cares for you just as much as He does our family. So, if you want to learn more, keep reading through the different parts of the Miracle Teachings, to find what God so graciously taught us. SUBSCRIBE to my page, my Podcasts, Videos and look for my Social Media pages. 

To be very open with you, I did not want to publish this article in my Newsletter, just yet. I wanted to write about some other things, but every time I moved toward publishing another topic, I found myself coming back to this again and again with a strong tug at my heart. I truly believe God’s leading is always right on time, and there may be more people than I realize that may be in the fight for their life, or the fight for someone or something else that is desperately needed. Truth is, we live in desperate times and God is in the process of pouring out His Spirit and miraculous power to all those who will seek Him with all of their heart. God knows, He sees us, He loves us, and He has all the Answers, love and power, we need!

In this Miracle Series, I encourage you to sincerely pray daily for the Holy Spirit to give you revelation and understanding to know Jesus more as your Miracle Working, Provider, Shepherd, Friend, Father, and Husband. Look at it like you are on a journey of discovery with Him. His love for you is wider and deeper than anything you can possibly imagine. He knows every detail of your situation and has a path of revelation, understanding, His love and wisdom for you. Healing and freedom is something He loves to see us receive. Healing from God is nothing like the world. It's packed with His mercy, His Spirit, His love, His comfort, power and glory! Ask Him to help you grow in faith to believe Him, and also to grow in His wisdom to begin to understand what only He can teach you.  

He truly wants to help you receive ALL HE HAS for you and your family! And believe me, there is far more awaiting you and your family than you can get your mind around, right now. Allow yourself to hope and again. Let go of all the fear, and let Him fill you with Faith, as you dig deeper in His Holy Word.
Just trust that He is leading you, one step at a time, reaching out to you, right there by your side, to help you every step of the way. Don't give up. Open up your heart to all the hope, faith and love He has instore for you and your loved ones.

Stay tuned, and make sure you are Subscribed to my Email List to receive my next Newsletter. I’ll be posting new articles regularly. Piece by piece, I’ll be adding more and more of what He so graciously taught us.

In the next Newsletters, I am going to cover the 4 basic things God taught me which are absolutely necessary for us to receive our miracle from Him. I will include the key elements the Lord taught me as I desperately sought Him to learn about how we could receive His Healing and His miraculous power. They are the things I did not know how to receive or access. But in His mercy, grace, and great love, He answered my continuous heart cry to be led by Him to find the answers and His loving power we needed to help my Mom receive her miracle! He is truly a loving, good, merciful and giving Father who longs for us to draw near to Him to receive His love and all He has for us. His love for us is far more than our mind can comprehend, yet it’s life-changing, very real, and supernatural for me and for you!

Before I close for today, I know I have given you a lot to digest, and you may decide to reread this several times. I believe that is an important part of allowing Him to fill us with Truth and His Spirit. Until next time, let’s dig into His Word and pray and let Him speak to us directly.

I INVITE YOU TO PRAY WITH ME: “Heavenly Father, I believe that You are real, and that You sent Jesus to suffer, die and rise again from the grave, to not only save my soul, but to heal, deliver and restore what the enemy has stolen from my family and I. Father, I confess, we need You. I turn to You now, and I turn away from all sin and everything I’ve ever done to grieve You. I admit, I need Your forgiveness, Your mercy, Your grace, and Your loving power to help me and my family receive all that you sent Jesus to give us. Father, It’s truly a miracle we need. It’s You we need. I confess, we don’t know how to receive and learn all You want to give and teach us, but I position myself wholeheartedly before you as a humble little child. I ask you to cleanse my heart, to transform me, forgive me, fill me and teach me Your ways. I promise from this moment forward to depend upon You fully. To put my hand in Yours and trust You to guide, teach, bless and restore my life, my mind, my soul and everything You desire to give me. I promise to be a childlike student, who is willing to learn, draw near to You and put into practice, by Your grace what you teach me. Go before me, I pray, pave the way, carve out the path, and use me for Your glory. Save me, my family and my loved ones. Change our lives and be glorified through us, in every way. Help us live fully in You, I ask, in Jesus Name, Amen.”

Dearest Friend, if you meant that prayer, I would love to hear from you. Please write me and tell me what God is doing in your life. As we interact, our community of faith filled and like minded believers is growing! Please Send me your prayer request so we can join with you in faith and believe God with you, for Your miracle.

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A Miracle Series – Part 1

When a miracle is needed, you can’t afford to waste time, you need to learn God’s ways of receiving one. He wants to teach you! In this Miracle Series, Lisa Hartell begins to explain step by step what God taught her from His Word while standing in faith with her Mom, her sister, and friend, against their cancer.