Protecting This Generation from the Spirit of Antichrist

The time is short! An urgent end-time wake up call for parents, leaders, and young people! While spiritually sleeping families remain busy and distracted, the Spirit of Antichrist has been feverishly at work to draw in a generation that is completely unaware of his schemes. This book unmasks and exposes this extremely seductive and deceptive spirit and is sounding the alarm to families around the world. All those who heed the call, will be led to safety and victory! That’s God’s promise! Through a prophetic dream and interpretation that God gave Lisa, every page unfolds a heart-stopping picture of what is happening in homes around the world. Special Section includes: Tips for Accurate Dream Interpretation to help families accurately interpret what God may be speaking to them. Readers will: Learn how to avoid being deceived, See God’s path to safety for their family, Reset their priorities and thinking, Be freed from fear of the future and the devil’s power to deceive and pull your children away from God, Rekindle a passion for a closer walk with Jesus.

I loved this book because it shows the spiritual realm behind what we see happening in our natural world. Lisa, gives clear understanding and guidance on what we need to do for ourselves and those we love, and how to do it. The Antichrist spirit is already kidnapping our children and it’s up to us to rescue them. With God’s plan we can do this confident and without fear. Very timely book.​


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